When there is a problem with the deliverability of the Broadcast, typically this issue is connected to the violation of Facebook Policies for Advertising and Messenger Platform or to the Broadcast settings.

Here are the main cases which might lead to getting your messages and Broadcasts blocked:

1. Admin used Subscription Broadcast to send Promotional content. Promotional content is any content with "buy this thing" context.

To promote or sell something, Admin needs to use Promotional Broadcasts — they can be sent only to Subscribers who interacted with the page in the last 24 hours in any way (sent a message or clicked a button). After 24 hours, you can only send them the support-related question through the LiveChat or engaging materials with the Subscriptional or Follow-Up Broadcast. This is called "24+1" Window - you can learn more about it here.

1a. Admin sent any links with the Subscription broadcast (any links are treated by Facebook as Promotional content by default) or added links that weren't whitelisted in the Authorized Websites list in ManyChat 'Settings' => 'Growth Tools' tab in the Flow. We recommend adding all the links you use in all your Flows and Broadcasts to that list.

1b. Admin sent messages which get reported as spam by Subscribers or have an unusually high block rate from Facebook itself.

In the listed cases, Facebook might block:
- Broadcast for a portion of users and possibly unsubscribe them from the bot;
- Broadcast for all users and possibly unsubscribe them from the bot;
- messages in the Broadcast which specifically violate advertising rules;
- the broadcasting ability on your account for the period up to 24 hours. In this case, you won't be able to send any broadcasts during this period even if they fit all the necessary requirements.

To learn more on how to stay compliant with FB's rules in your Broadcasts, check our Blog posts below:
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Broadcasting Content

2. If you add Delay ('Typing') blocks to the first step of the Broadcast, you won't be able to send it at all.
The first step is the first block in the Broadcast - it also includes every block connected to it through "Automatically Continue" step as well.

Timing issues

1. Keep in mind that Broadcasts take some time to get sent: the more Subscribers certain page has, the longer it might take to send your Broadcast to everyone in the list of recipients. If you see that your Broadcast got stuck at some percent of Subscribers - just give it a bit more time.

2. Check the time settings: if you choose 'Time Travel' option, it means that the Broadcast will be sent only when the sending time matches the Subscriber's timezone, reaching everyone in 24 hours.