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Import Contact List

Contact list importing allows you to upload your external contact phone/email list and use it with SMS/Email marketing channels in ManyChat. 

The Import Contacts feature is available to all users, both Pro and Free.

You can download only those contacts that gave you user consent to receive SMS or Email. You are responsible for collecting such consent outside of ManyChat. When you upload contacts to ManyChat, your subscribers will be automatically considered as opted-in to the bot.

Import and creating new subscribers will also affect your monthly PRO subscription.

Head to the Audience tab and click the "Import Contacts" button:

Then, click "Select your CSV file" link:

Select your CSV file with the contact list:

Important: if you'd like to import large number of contacts, we highly recommend importing them in separate chunks, each containing no more than 20 000 lines. We also recommend naming each column in the first row (first name, last name, phone, email, country etc.)
Check that you have selected the correct file and click blue "Next" button in the lower right corner:

Match CSV columns with System and Custom User fields:


You must select Full Name/First Name/Last Name/Gender/Phone/Email System Fields for the corresponding columns in your CSV. You will be able to change Phone only afterwards. 

Please save all other fields to Custom User Fields - you can create them in Settings => Custom Fields. (prepare them in advance for matching).
The data gets matched with the data of existing contacts. Here is how it works: the system gets the data from the CSV file and matches it with system fields and custom fields. If Phone or Email in the CSV matches those tied to the existing user, ManyChat would update the data so that it matches the CSV file. If the system finds no matches in email and/or phone, it would create a new user.

Please check the number of columns for import and select/create Tag for the imported audience:

You can add several Tags if you wish, or delete them as well:

Your contacts are importing:

Your contacts are now ready:

Head to the Audience tab and check your new Subscribers. In this example, the contacts are downloaded without first name and last name - that’s how you will see them if you download the list without naming:

Please note that you are not able to edit names and avatars - here's how you'll see the user card in case the name is not entered:

Hope this clarifies things!