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Import contacts to WhatsApp channel

With this feature, you can import your external contacts to your Manychat contact list via a CSV file. In particular, you can import the WhatsApp phone numbers of your clients and start sending WhatsApp broadcasts right away (provided that you have customers’ consent to receive WhatsApp messages).

This feature is available to all users who bought a PRO subscription and have their WhatsApp channel connected.

⚠️ NOTE! Before importing data to your contact list you must obtain appropriate consent to send messages in compliance with WhatsApp Business Policy. All contacts will be automatically considered opted-in to the bot.

To import your contacts via CSV file go to Contacts -> Import

Upload your CSV file with a contact list you need to import. Click Next.

Make sure that you have chosen the appropriate CSV file and obtained consent to send messages to all importing contacts.

Match all needed columns with appropriate System and Custom Fields.

⚠️ NOTE!  WhatsApp channel stores contacts’ phone numbers within the “WhatsApp ID” system Field. Thus, to import phone numbers to use them further for WhatsApp messaging you need to assign a column containing WhatsApp phone numbers to the “WhatApp ID” System Field.

In case you also have an SMS channel connected and you need to use the same phone numbers to send SMS, you can import them to SMS channel as well.

To do so, choose SMS channel in the shown modal window.

Add tags if needed and click Confirm to finish importing.

Importing contacts may take some time depending on their quantity. The circular progress bar indicates the contacts are importing. You'll see the number of created and updated Contacts.

When you need to use the client's phone number in Conditions within WhatsApp automation you can find it as WhatsApp ID in the list of System Fields.

⚠️ NOTE! After you are done with Contacts Import you might want to start sending Broadcasts. Please, be aware that every WhatsApp account has messaging limits. Messaging limits determine how many unique WhatsApp contacts can be reached by your business per day. This includes new and existing contacts. The messaging limit does not limit the number of messages your business can send, just the number of contacts you are trying to reach. It also does not apply to messages sent in response to a contact-initiated message within a 24-hour period.

Your Messaging Limit can be viewed in Business Manager → Business Settings → WhatsApp Accounts → Settings → WhatsApp Manager → Phone Numbers →  Messaging Limit.