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Home Tab - Overview

Welcome to your ManyChat Home tab!

Here you can:
1. Manage your communication channels;
2. Check the last activity in the bot and statistics for your contacts;
3. Track the ManyChat Pixel statistics;
4. Quickly access any content of your bot: Flows, Ads, Sequences, etc.

Let's take a look. On the top left, you see your page avatar, name, description, and short link to your page’s Messenger. Any user will be taken to your bot by clicking it.

Let's take a look at the contents of the Insights tab first.

Unified Account

Here you can view and manage channels that are connected to the account. You may also connect some new channels from here if you don't have Instagram or SMS, for example. Learn how. 

Contacts Statistics

This window will show you the dynamic in the number of your contacts in 4 graphs:

  • Active Contacts
  • Net Contacts
  • Active & Inactive Contacts
  • Demographics

Active Contacts graph shows how many contacts you have right now: Active Contacts, Inactive Contacts, and Net Contacts numbers for the chosen period are under the graph.

You can choose whatever time period you want, and the numbers below the graph will change accordingly.

NOTE: when selecting Today, you will see stats for the past 24 hours. These stats may differ when you check them a day after, because of that.
Net Contacts graph shows you numbers that represent Active Contacts minus Inactive Contacts for each day. You also can play with time periods here.

Active & Inactive Contacts shows you day by day statistics for contacts who subscribed and unsubscribed from your bot. This view helps you analyze why you have ups and downs, which dates those ups and downs correlate to, and give you some insight into how you can get more contacts.

Demographics will show you the percentage of different languages and genders among your contacts.

Please note that it shows statistics only for the Facebook channel.

Account Metrics

If your account is upgraded to the Pro plan, you will see the results of your ManyChat Pixel activity: the number of Conversion Events and generated Revenue in the selected currency.

Custom Events are the events that you create yourself using the Log Conversion Event action. More on that can be found in our article here.

System Events are the events that are built into your chatbot, like Completed Payments or Emails and Phones collected.