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How to connect your channel to a ManyChat Unified Account

Please read the entire article carefully about updates to Facebook Pages and Instagram Accounts. Users can no longer create a ManyChat account not connected to Facebook Pages, Instagram, or WhatsApp channels. Nor can users create an SMS/Email standalone account.  Users previously created accounts not linked to a channel or SMS/Email-only solution. 

Overall, accounts require a connection to all channels. 

This article will show you how to create a ManyChat account and directly connect to your channels together as part of your omnichannel marketing. 

How to Connect a Facebook Page:

  1. Create a new account
  2. Connect Facebook Page 
  3. Disconnect or Remove a Facebook Pages
  4. Inviting and Assigning Users to accounts as Admins

How to Connect Instagram:

  1. Create a Facebook Business page
  2. Create an Instagram account
  3. Link your Facebook business page to your Instagram account
  4. Sign up for ManyChat 
  5. Learn Automation features and flows
  6. Prepare your flows

How to Connect to WhatsApp:

Click here on how to integrate your ManyChat account. 

Create a new account

  • Go to the account panel on the left. Click Add New Account:

  • Enter the account name. Click Create Account button: 
  • After the account is created, you can change the name. Go to  Home > Insights Tab. Click the pencil icon.

Connect a Facebook Page

A list of Facebook pages and other channels will appear.   You should assign the Admin role to yourself on the Facebook Page.  The Page shouldn't contain any age or country restrictions. If you restrict the age and countries selections, ManyChat won't work properly.

Go to Home => Connect

NOTE: If you want to connect to another Facebook page or channel, go to Settings=>Channels. Make your selection. Click Connect.
If you see the "Join" button, it means the Page is already connected to ManyChat and you are the Owner of the ManyChat account with this page. You won't be able to create another account for your Page. You will need to join the existing account by clicking Connect.    

Using Flow Builder, go to Flows and create Templates.NOTE: Pro features will be available only after upgrading the account to PRO. Widgets, Facebook Ads, Facebook Broadcasting, Paid Messages, Main Menu, Default reply, and Welcome Messages will work only after connecting a Facebook business page.

Disconnect or Remove a Facebook Page

In case you connected a Page by mistake, or want to pause the ManyChat bot, there is an option to "Disconnect" the Page in the Settings tab. Be assured that the contacts and automation that you created won't be removed. You can always enable the bot back on by connecting the Page again.

You can remove the Facebook page from the account if you don't want to continue using it. But in this case, all your contacts will be completely removed.

Unified accounts can't be deleted at the moment (expect this functionality soon), but you can disconnect a Facebook page from the account.

There are two options: you can temporarily stop the bot by disconnecting the Page or you can completely remove Facebook Page from your account. To stop the automation temporarily and disconnect a page, go to Settings > General, and scroll down to click the Disconnect button.

Confirm this action by typing Disconnect. 

Click Confirm

After disconnecting, you'll still see the page you have disabled in the Home tab:

If you want to reconnect the disabled page, head to Settings > General, scroll down, and click Reconnect. The page will be re-enabled right away.

To remove Facebook Page from your account, go to Settings/General. 

Click the Remove Facebook Page button:

NOTE: All contacts will be completely removed, when you remove your Facebook Page. They won't be restored.

Getting access to an existing account

To get access to a certain existing account, you have to ask the account's admin to send you the invitation link. The admin should go to Settings > Team. Click + Invite New Member button.

Select the Role.  Click Generate A Link button.

Click Copy. Send the link to the new account member.


Suppose you're managing Facebook business pages that contain roles and access to the pages but disconnected these pages from ManyChat or did not connect them previously.  In that case, you have to ask the page's admin to send you the access link. You can't add such pages to the new account because the admin may have connected it to another unified account. You have to get access to the entire unified account via the invitation link. 

Effective September 1, 2021, new Free accounts will have a limit of (1) Team Member per account. Once this limit is exceeded, account owners will no longer be able to send messages to contacts through configured automations, Live Chat, and Broadcasts. Users may remove a team member to stay within the limits of the updated Free plan.

If you're having problems disconnecting or removing a Facebook Page, ask yourself the following troubleshooting questions: 

1. Am I an Admin on the Facebook Page that I'm trying to set up? If not, ask the Page owner for Admin status on the Facebook Page you want to connect. 

2. Am I using Internet Explorer? If so, switch to the latest version of Chrome. 

3. Do I have Messenger enabled on my Facebook Page? Make sure the Messages option is enabled in the Page's general settings.

How to Connect Instagram

In this section,  you'll learn how to automate all DM conversations in your Instagram Messages. 

Follow these step-by-step instructions to get your Instagram account started and set up.

1. Create a Facebook Business page

2. Create an Instagram account

3. Link your Facebook business page to your Instagram account

4. Sign up for ManyChat

5. Learn all of the key features

6. Prepare your flows!

Create a Facebook Business Page

Before heading to your Instagram account, you’ll need to create a Facebook Business page. This is a crucial step for later on when creating your Instagram account.

In order to connect Instagram (IG) to ManyChat, your IG account must be connected to a Facebook Business page.

Follow the steps below: 

Find Pages in the left-hand sidebar in Facebook:

Click Create New Page

Fill out the appropriate details.

By default, this should appear as a Business Page, but it's always a good idea to double-check. You'll see some business management tools on the left-hand side. Leave this page open.

Create an Instagram account

Examples include:

  • @mydoggie
  • @waterbottle
  • @1234

Follow the steps below to create your account: 

Go to your profile.

Click on your photo in the bottom right.

Click on your handle name at the top.

Click on your handle name to open up the slider.  Click “Log in or Create a New Account”.

Select "Create New Account"

Create your account handle. Fill out additional information. Select Skip. You will connect to Facebook later.  

How to turn your Instagram account into a Business account

You've created a new Instagram account. However, in order to use Instagram Automation by ManyChat, you need to turn your new IG account into a Business account.

Note: All accounts must be a Business Type in order to connect to Instagram Automation by ManyChat.

Use this step-by-step guide to turn your account into a Business profile.

Go to your account profile.

Click the “hamburger” icon in the top right of your profile.  This opens a slider window.

Click Settings

Scroll down to the bottom of your settings. You’ll see two buttons: Switch to a Professional Account and Get a Free Professional Account .

Click Continue.

Select a category.  Click Continue.

Important: Select Business. DO NOT select Creator. 

Only Business accounts can connect to ManyChat.

Select Next. 

Connect your Instagram account to Facebook 

One of the final steps of creating a Business account is to connect it to Facebook. 

Because you’ve already created a Facebook Business page, you can connect it from Instagram. Otherwise, you can connect Instagram to Facebook from the Facebook page.

Follow the steps below to connect your IG account to Facebook:

PIck the Facebook Business Page that you created earlier. Click Next.  

If you skipped the previous step, complete these steps to connect Instagram to Facebook from the Facebook page. Go to your Facebook page. Scroll down to click Settings. 

Scroll down to Instagram. 

Click Connect Account. Give access. Click Continue.

If "Connected Instagram Account" appears in your Settings, then your Instagram account and Facebook Business Page are connected. 

How to create a ManyChat account for Instagram Automation

At this stage, you should have the following: 

  • Instagram Business account
  • Facebook Business Page
  • IG account and Facebook Business Page connected together

You can now sign up for a ManyChat Instagram Automation account. 

Sign up for a new ManyChat account

Visit or from within your ManyChat account to create a new account