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How to connect your channel to a Manychat Unified Account

Please note that users can no longer create a Manychat account not connected to Facebook Pages, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Telegram channels. Nor can users create an SMS/Email standalone account. Users previously created accounts not linked to a channel or SMS/Email-only solution. 

Overall, accounts require a connection to one of the 4 messaging channels. 

Here are all of the useful links that will help you directly connect your channels together as part of your omnichannel marketing:

How to Connect a Facebook Page:

  1. How to connect a Facebook Page to Manychat

How to Connect Instagram:

  1. How To Connect Instagram to Manychat
  2. I can't connect my Instagram account to Manychat
  3. Can't find Instagram page to connect Manychat

How to Connect to WhatsApp:

  1. WhatsApp Guide
  2. User Guide: How to check if your WhatsApp Account is ready to use

How to Connect Telegram:

  1. Getting Started: How to create a Telegram bot in Manychat