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Messenger Ref URL

'Messenger Ref URL' provides an easy way to forward contacts to your page Messenger without any hassle. Just insert a generated URL in any place most visible, like your email newsletter.

Here's how it works. First, you have to create new 'Messenger Ref URL' growth tool in 'Growth Tools' tab.

Then, Edit its Opt-in Message in 'Opt-In Actions' tab or just attach a new Flow with Replace button.

And Publish the changes.

Custom Ref Parameter 

To customize your URL, you can fill 'Custom Ref Parameter' field in 'Setup' tab (if necessary) and Save changes. This parameter allows you to make the link look more attractive and identify your Ref URL link among your other links.

Custom Ref Parameter allows you to edit the URL to your liking, however, it can't be used as a variable.

If it seems that your Custom Ref Parameter isn't working, please make sure to check whether you've accidentally filled in the 'Save Payload to a Custom User Field' instead of the Custom Ref parameter. This is a completely different thing.

If your custom parameter Ref URL stops working, you can just delete the whole Ref URL Growth Tool and create a new one. Just make sure to enter the same ref parameter as before, so the URL itself doesn't change. After that you can connect the old Opt-In message by clicking 'Replace' in the 'Opt-In Actions' tab.

Save Payload to a Custom User Field

This option allows you to add any custom information (unique name, numbers, variables) at the end of Ref URL link and pass it to a Custom User Field after someone opt-ins through this link. Here you can specify the Custom User Field this parameter will be saved in.

After your Ref Url is ready, add any custom parameter after -- symbols after the link (as a result, you’ll have something like this: https://YOUR_REF_URL--CUSTOM_PARAMETER).

Here's a video that will make everything clear (join our Facebook Community here first to watch the video).

Now you can copy 'Your Messenger Ref URL' by clicking on Copy URL to Clipboard option.

That's it! Now Facebook users will receive your Opt-In Message every time they click on the link. 

Please note that new contacts have to click 'Get Started' button first in order to receive the Opt-In Message.



What to do if I accidentally deleted my Ref URL Growth Tool?  

Unfortunately, if you deleted you Ref URL Growth Tool it is not possible to restore the link, as they are generated automatically. You will have to create a new one.

However, if you've used a custom Ref Parameter with your link, you can just create a new link and enter the same Ref parameter. That way, even though you've created a new Ref URL Growth Tool inside Manychat, you won't have to update any references to it as the URL itself will stay the same.