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Refund Policy and Refund Requests

Sometimes you need to refund the money you've spent on our Pro subscription. We suppose you're wondering if your case is eligible for a refund and how to request it. Don't worry! In this article we've gathered the most requested information on this matter :)

Manychat's refund policy: 

According to our refund policy, we issue refunds:

  • In case you've weren't able to use Manychat because of technical issues on the product's side
  • If the subscription was cancelled within the first month after it was purchased.

To learn more about our refund policy, please refer to our Terms of Service.

How refunds are processed:

1. If you think that your case is eligible for a refund, please go here -> Billing -> Refund Request to submit a ticket to our Team. In this ticket please specify your refund reason and share as much information with us as possible so we could process your request faster :)

2. If we've confirmed that we've issued a refund for you, you don't need to do anything else - the money will be returned to your card within 10 working days automatically.

What if I didn't receive my refund?

If you didn't receive a refund after 10 days, please:

  • Make sure that the card you're checking is the one which is used in your Billing credentials.
  • Contact your bank - they should be able to clarify the matter. 

We hope this information helped you! If you still have questions - please submit a ticket to our friendly Support Team.