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Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters provide a way for Facebook subscribed contacts to start a conversation with a business with a list of frequently asked questions.

Facebook page visitors usually want to get a quick response to their request or question, but they need to go through all the automation before they get the answer they need.

Facebook Auto Response feature helps people to get the answer to their most relevant question. Since it is set up separately, we decoded to support it and allow pages to start the conversation with frequently asked questions.

Clear and relevant CTA buttons will help to increase the conversion and shorten the interaction and the way to the most relevant answer.

During the very first interaction contacts see the Get Started button and for someone it doesn't seem obvious and clear what happens after they tap it. It comes from the Facebook and cannot be removed. Still, some people don't press it as they doubt after they see the disclaimer that the Page will see their personal information.

It is crucial for the CTR of organic customers who are seeking the answer for the relevant question or have the particular intent.

We've released the update that supports Facebook Auto Response feature and can be set up inside ManyChat. It allows to specify up to 4 most asked questions to start the conversation with the most relevant one. They are a little bit similar to the persistent menu but show up only during the first interaction.

Go to Messenger Settings to add Questions.

Add a Question and create a new Flow or attach the existing one.

Conversation Starters will help to increase the conversion. Providing answers to visitors' requests, they help to create shortcuts to increase the subscription rate and deliver the most relevant content.