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Creating an AI Step in Manychat

Manychat's AI Step is a powerful feature that automates conversations using AI-driven scripts within your chat flows. This guide will demonstrate how to set up an AI Step, define its goals, and script, context, and interactions to enhance your automation capabilities.

What is an AI Step?

An AI Step in Manychat is a component within the flow builder that uses artificial intelligence to manage complex user interactions and conversations. It operates based on a script or a set of instructions to achieve specific goals, such as collecting information or providing personalized responses.

Accessing the AI Step

Navigate to the Automations Tab: Access the flow builder from your Manychat dashboard by selecting the flow where you want to insert an AI Step, or creating a new automation.

Creating an AI Step

  1. Open the Flow Builder: Double-click anywhere on the flow builder screen to open the options menu, or select the PLUS blue sign on the right side of the panel.
  2. Add an AI Step: Choose the AI Step from the options menu to incorporate it into your flow, found at the bottom of the double-click menu, and before Logic in the PLUS sign menu.

Configuring an AI Step

  1. Set a Goal: Clearly define what the AI Step is intended to achieve. For instance, "To determine a business’s needs and how Manychat can assist."
  2. Write the Script: Develop a script that guides the AI during interactions. These steps can be:
    1. Questions
    2. Analysis
    3. Replies
    4. Info storage
    5. Even complex math!
  3. Specify Context: Equip the AI with essential background information on your business capabilities and limitations about a product or service to ensure it provides knowledgeable responses.

Setting the Channel

Select the Appropriate Channel: Ensure the AI Step is set to operate on the intended communication channel, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or SMS, to effectively reach your target audience.

Going Live

  • Activate the Flow: Deploy the entire flow by setting it live, enabling all users to engage with the new AI Step.
  • Create a Trigger: don’t forget to create a trigger within your automation so people can reach it!


The AI Step is a dynamic tool in Manychat that enhances your automation ability to handle complex interactions efficiently. By integrating AI into your chat flows following these steps, your chat automation becomes more adept at meeting user needs with minimal manual intervention.