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Manychat AI Text Improver

The AI Text Improver feature in Manychat enhances your message's clarity and effectiveness by providing suggestions on tone, grammar, and phrasing. It’s designed to ensure that your messages convey the right tone and information, matching your brand voice perfectly. You can choose to either write a text based on your goals or improve existing text.

Why Use the AI Text Improver Feature?

  • Consistency in tone and quality: This helps you maintain consistent tone and message quality across all automated messages.
  • Enhance clarity: Refine your messages for clarity and engagement, ensuring users understand your offers and value propositions.
  • Save time: Automates editing, reducing the time you spend crafting the perfect message.


Using the AI Text Improver Feature

Step 1: Open the Flow Builder and Select a Text Box

1. Access the Flow Builder:

Log into your Manychat account.

Navigate to 'Automation' > 'Flows'.

Open or create a new Flow.

2. Select a Text Box with an existing text, or add one:

Step 2: Utilize the AI Text Improver to write or improve existing copy

Click on Ask AI. If you have an existing text in the box, you will be given the option to improve it, or write a completely different new one

If you select Improve The Text:

Manychat will automatically pull from the written text. You can select what is your goal with improving the copy! Either specific goals you have, a need in changing the tone of voice, making it seem more marketable, or to translate it to a different language.

If you select Write The Text:

You will be asked to tell the AI a bit more about what the text is about, what tone of voice you want to use, and the language.

Examples of Tone Variations

The tone of voice plays a crucial role in how your messages are received. Here’s how different tones can transform a message:

Original message: "We sell bags and make a discount on the entire spring collection."

  • Professional Tone: "Take advantage of our exclusive discounts on the entire spring collection. Shop our elegant and stylish bags now!"
  • Friendly Tone: "Hey there! Don't miss out on our awesome spring sale with discounts on all bags!"
  • Informative Tone: "Our spring sale offers a 20% discount on the entire bag collection. Check out our new arrivals and shop today!"
  • Humorous Tone: "Bag yourself a deal this spring! Enjoy discounts on all bags and strut in style!"

Selecting the Proper Tone for Your Audience

Choosing the right tone is key to ensuring your message resonates with your audience. Here are some considerations:

1. Understand your brand voice

  • Consistent Messaging: Make sure the tone aligns with your overall brand messaging.
  • Brand Persona: If your brand is known for being fun and quirky, a humorous or friendly tone would be more appropriate.

2. Know your audience preferences

  • Age Group: Younger audiences might prefer informal tones, while older demographics may lean toward professional tones.
  • Geographic Location: Cultural differences can influence preferences for humor or formality.
  • Industry Type: Industries like finance or legal may require a more professional tone, while lifestyle brands can afford to be more playful.

3. Match the tone to the message context

  • Sales and Promotions: Friendly and engaging tones can encourage action.
  • Customer Support: Informative and professional tones can build trust.
  • Educational Content: An informative tone is essential for conveying complex information clearly.

Step 3: Review and Apply Suggestions

  • Generate text: Click on 'Generate' to receive improved text suggestions. Review the suggestions provided by the AI.
  • Apply changes: Once satisfied with the improved text, apply it to your message. Customize as needed to align with your brand voice and Flow objectives.

Step 4: Test and Refine

  • Test improved messages: Preview and test the improved message within the Flow to ensure it's engaging and accurate.
  • Refine based on feedback: Continuously monitor message performance and refine based on user feedback and engagement metrics.

Best Practices for Using the AI Text Improver Feature

  1. Choose the right tone: Align the tone of voice with your brand persona and audience expectations. Example tones: Professional, Informative, Humorous, Friendly.
  2. Be clear and concise: Make sure your message is clear and to the point. Avoid complex language that might confuse users.

  3. Use contextual messaging: Tailor messages based on user actions or queries to increase relevance and engagement.

  4. Test different versions: Experiment with different phrasings to see which version resonates best with your audience.

  5. Monitor performance: Track engagement metrics like open rates and click-through rates. Adjust and refine messages to improve performance.

  6. Maintain brand consistency: Ensure all your automated messages reflect a consistent brand voice.

The AI Text Improver feature in Manychat is a valuable tool to help you craft engaging, consistent, and effective messages. By leveraging AI-driven suggestions, you can enhance message quality, improve user engagement, and save time in content creation. Feel free to explore various tones and messaging styles to see what resonates best with your audience.