Dashboard Tab - Overview

Welcome to your ManyChat Dashboard tab!

Hope that helps you get started with the Dashboard!

Hey! ^^ that’s how it looks if you’re doing it right :D

On the top left, you see your page avatar, name, description and short link to your page’s Messenger. Here’s a really neat thing (maybe your page’s avatar is also neat, then I apologize): you can send this link to people or post it anywhere and all traffic will be forwarded immediately to your Messenger. Sharing that link is a great way to grow your subscribers! You can send them cool Broadcasts! And they will buy your stuff! And you will be rich!!! Just use that link and you can get rich, I’m totally serious.

You can analyze stats with 3 different graphs:

  • Active Subscribers
  • Net Subscribers
  • Subscribers & Unsubscribers 

Let’s learn about all of them! That won’t be hard, I promise.

So, Active Subscribers graph shows how many Subscribers you have right now (big blue numbers on the screenshot above); Subscribes, Unsubscribes and Net Subscribers numbers for the chosen period are under the graph.

You can choose whatever time period you want, and numbers below the graph will change accordingly. 

NOTE: When selecting Today, you will see stats for the past 24 hours. This stats may differ when you check them a day after, because of that. 

Net Subscribers graph shows you numbers that represent Subscribes minus Unsubscribes for each day. You also can play with time periods here. 

Subscribers & Unsubscribers shows you day by day statistics for users who subscribed and unsubscribed from your bot (see what I did there?). This view helps you analyze why you have ups and downs, which dates those ups and downs correlate to, and give you some insight into how you can get more subscribers!

Remember, that sometimes Facebook bans fake/suspicions profiles in huge numbers and you can see inexplicable Unsubscribe numbers. Don’t be scared, Facebook is just working hard to make their platform a better place to be with their giant ban hammer!