Messenger Ref URL

'Messenger Ref URL' provides an easy way to forward users to your page Messenger without any hassle. Just insert a generated URL in any place most visible, like your email newsletter.

Here's how it works. First, you have to create new 'Messenger Ref URL' growth tool in 'Growth Tools' tab:

Then, Edit its Opt-in Message in 'Opt-In Actions' tab:


and Publish the changes:

Then fill 'Custom Ref Parameter' field in 'Setup' tab (if necessary) and Save changes:

Now you can copy 'Your Messenger Ref URL' by clicking on Copy URL to Clipboard option:

That's it! Now users will receive your Opt-In Message every time they click on the link. 

Please note that new users have to click 'Get Started' button first in order to receive the Opt-In Message: