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ManyChat Inbox Overview

What is ManyChat Inbox?

ManyChat Inbox creates a seamless shopping experience for all your customers from the first chat to check out. Inbox helps sales and support teams efficiently manage various customer communications in one central view for them to respond quickly and close more deals. Utilize various automated tools and analytics tailored to your business needs. Easily track workflow performance and sales metrics.

This article will explain its features and benefits. 

What are the features?


Don't lose potential shoppers. Increase customer engagement by connecting the channels that your visitor uses: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, or SMS.

Live Chat

Just one location to streamline all inbound messages from various enabled channels. There are numerous Live Chat specific features that will help agents work more efficiently and productively. Read more about Live Chat here.

Performance Analytics

Live Chat Analytics shows the overview picture of Agents’ performance: assigned messages, done conversations, etc.

Product Catalog

Quickly close deals and accept payments directly in chat via your PayPal or Stripe account. Easily create a product catalog directly in ManyChat and send requested items to your customers.

Automation Tools

Use simple automation tools such as Default Reply, Keywords, Welcome Message, etc. to effectively manage inbound traffic. Simply put routine conversations (such as FAQ's) on auto-pilot to free up your time to strategize and focus on the hot leads.

ManyChat Inbox Pro Plan

Get access to all Inbox Pro features which include inviting all your teammates to the plan. See detailed pricing information here.

ManyChat Marketing Automation and Inbox

ManyChat Marketing Automation and Inbox are two different products, you can use them together or separately based on your business needs.

Use ManyChat Inbox to funnel all your inbound conversations from various messaging apps into one collaborative view for a better shopping experience.

Use ManyChat Marketing Automation to build visual robust flows (or steps) that engage customers for your lead generation and marketing campaigns.