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Agents Analytics

What is Agents Analytics?

Inbox analytics helps you understand the current state of your Inbox, analyze how the team performs with conversations and take actions to increase your service and team’s performance. Analytics is an Inbox Pro functionality and is available only for Admins. Once you activate Inbox Pro, the system immediately collects the data.


Assigned conversation - a conversation that was assigned to the particular user.

Done conversation - a conversation that was manually marked as done by the particular user.

Teammates - the user who has access to communicate via Live Chat. These users are also marked as Paid Users.

How do I use it?

Conversations in Dynamics

The Conversations in Dynamic chart shows how many conversations were assigned to agents and how many were closed as Done in the particular time period. You can also select a time period. Data is available from the time Inbox is enabled.  Data can also be shown for all teams and filtered by particular agents.

Conversations by teammates

This chart shows assigned and done conversations that are broken down between all teammates. You can also select date timelines and specific agents.