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How to Merge Duplicate Contacts

Contact merging

If you have a ManyChat Pro plan, you can use the Merge Contact to link a Facebook contact who has a duplicate record in another Channel. This will reduce the number of duplicate email and SMS records that a customer can have via Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp.  This time-saver will dramatically help you manage one master record for one contact.

What is a Primary and Secondary Contact?

The Primary Contact is the master contact that has the values and data that you want to keep. Select a contact from any Channel such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

The Secondary Contact is the duplicate you want to merge with the Primary Contact.  You will still have this contact with all data in the Contacts list with status “Merged”.

Important: Facebook is the only Channel that you can’t choose as the Secondary.  This is to prevent merging two Facebook contacts into one.

How to merge Contacts

Go to Contacts. Select the record that will be your Primary Contact.

The values and data associated with your Primary Contact will appear on the left column. This contact will remain after the merge.

Click Merge Contact from the upper right drop-down menu.

An empty name field for the Secondary Contact will appear in the second column. Reminder: the system will delete this contact and its data after merging.

Enter the contact's name.

Note: the system doesn't allow you to link two different Instagram or WhatsApp contacts. For example, you can merge a Facebook (Primary Contact) and an IG (Secondary Contact) user.

If the Secondary Contact's value is in the system, its data and values will appear.

Select Preview.

Review the data of the Primary and Secondary Contact such as phone number and email.

Click Edit Merge to select which fields you want in your Main Contact.

Merging rules

  1. Phone and Email. You can select which phone number and email you want to keep. For example, pick an email from one channel and a phone number from another.

    If you want to have a second phone number, before you merge, open a Primary Contact card add a Custom Field for "extra number".

  2. Other System fields like First Name will be taken from Primary Contact.

  3. Custom User Fields will be joined. If contacts have the same Custom fields with different values, you can select which Custom Field to use from either your Primary or Secondary Contact.

  4. Tags will be joined.

  5. Channels from the Secondary Contact will automatically transfer to the Primary Contact.

  6. Live Chat history for Secondary Contact will be deleted.

Note:  the system will permanently delete the Secondary Contact and its Live Chat records after merging.

Click Save after merge. Your chosen field values will appear in the Main Contact. Click Next. Check off to confirm the statement in Merge Contacts. Select Merge.

The result of your merged Main Contact will appear.

You can also find Secondary contact data in its card in Contacts. Its status will be merged.

You can also merge contacts from conversations in Live Chat.

Use Merge Contacts to reduce duplicate records. Have control over a consolidated list of Live Chat and Contact records across various Channels that you can easily manage by selecting email, phone number, and custom fields. Keep in mind certain restrictions before you merge. This feature is only available for ManyChat Pro accounts.