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Products will help you sell directly to your customers in Live Chat for an efficient shopping experience. When they’re ready to buy, use the Products feature to quickly close the sale for a seamless automated transaction in one view. Check-out is similar to ManyChat’s Buy Button.

This article will show you how to use the payment link that will connect to your list of Products.

Note: You need a ManyChat PRO plan that connects to Stripe or Paypal. 

How to add a new product

To send the payment link, you first need to add your product.  Go to Settings -> Extensions -> Products

Select the +Product blue button to add a new product. Enter the required information for the following fields:

  1. Product image
  2. Product name
  3. Item name
  4. Product price
  5. Button title

Your newly added product appears in Catalog. This is where all your products and services will be listed.

How to send a product

When a customer sends a message in Live Chat asking to buy your product, pick their item from Select Product.  Click Send.