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ManyChat Inbox Pricing

What you can get with ManyChat Inbox Pro

ManyChat Inbox Pro gives Live Chat Agents access to performance analytics, Product Catalog, special Live Chat Pro features, and more. A complete list of features is on the ManyChat Inbox pricing page

How pricing calculates for ManyChat Inbox Pro

Pricing Breakdown

Inbox is priced per Paid User. Each teammate who needs access to Inbox features must have a Paid User seat in ManyChat for Inbox. Paid User is a user who has been assigned by the Admin and has access to Inbox Pro features. Admin with billing access can delegate the Paid User in Settings → Team:


  1. Pricing for ManyChat Inbox starts from $99 and includes 3 Paid User seats. $39 for an extra Paid User.
  2. When you add a new Paid User, the amount will be changed immediately. You will be charged at the next billing date.
  3. The total amount is calculated in proportion to when users were Paid Users.
  4. If you subscribe to ManyChat Inbox Pro and ManyChat Marketing Automation, your invoices will be charged on one billing date.
  5. If you disable the ManyChat Inbox Pro product, your access to Inbox Pro features will be disabled immediately.

Will I have access to ManyChat Marketing Automation Pro features?

ManyChat Inbox Pro subscription will give you access only to Inbox Pro features. ManyChat Marketing Automation features will be available with limitations. If you need to use Inbox PRO and Marketing Automation PRO simultaneously you must add both products to your subscription and pay for them. You can read more about ManyChat Marketing Automation Pro features and Pricing here