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Basic Builder

Basic Builder is a window with tools that can help you edit and enhance your messages. To open it, just click "Edit" button in Growth Tool:

or "Edit Flow" button in Welcome Message:

To edit broadcast - just open it by clicking its name (or click "+ New broadcast" to create a new one):

Here is an example of how the broadcast looks when you open it for editing:

  1. Starting Step - this is the starting point of any message flow.
  2. Attached Steps - all messages that are connected with each other through buttons.
  3. Unattached Steps - all messages that are yet to be connected to any of the buttons.
  4. Element Settings window - you can change elements' names and settings here. Also, additional actions can be attached to the element by using "+ New Action" button.
  5. List of blocks -  this list consists of all blocks that you can insert into your message.
  6. Attention Icon - indicates that current blocks need additional customization (hover over with the cursor to see what has to be done).
  7. Preview Area - shows what message will look like on receiver's side.

After you finished editing your message flow, click "Publish" button to apply all changes:

*Please note* The following block types are not available in the Basic Builder and can be found only in the Flow Builder:

  1. "Start Another Flow" - this block allows you to start another Flow within the other.
  2. "Condition" - this block allows you to create basic logic within your Flow and separate the Flow based on the User Data
  3. "Randomizer" - this block allows you to set up an A/B Split Step inside your Flow.
  4. "Smart Delay" - this block allows you to create and add a new type of a delay to a flow.
  5. "Comment" - this block allows you to create comments within ManyChat window and doesn't affect the work of the Flow.