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Team members groups

You can organize your agents into different groups to help them focus on certain types of issues. This will reduce the clutter and let them work efficiently.

How to create a group

  • To create a new group go to Settings > Team > Groups. 
  • If this is your first time creating a group you'll see an empty state. Click "+ Group" to create a new group.

  • First, give a name to your group.

  • Next, add the agents you want to be part of this group.
  • Click Save to complete.

NOTE! If you are planning to use this group for conversations assignment, make sure all agents within the group have Live Chat seats.

Group properties

When you finished creating a new group you can proceed to a group page. Here you can configure following things:

  • Conversations Assignment. Enable this toggle if you want to automatically distribute conversations among the group of team members with the "Assign conversation" action in Flow Builder or with Assignment Rules while using the Auto-Assignment feature. By default conversations will be evenly distributed among group or groups members. 
  • Group Members. You can also manage a list of group members. Click "Edit" to add or delete new members. If any agent has no conversation limits set up you'll be offered to fix it. 

Assign conversation to a group

This is a new type of the "Assign conversation" action in Flow Builder. Now you can choose whether you want to assign conversations to agents or groups. Agents' limits don't count for conversations assignment via this action.

NOTE! Make sure to enable the "Conversations Assignment" toggle within the group's settings to be able to assign conversations using this action.