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Conversations Auto-Assignment

In Manychat, you can choose to assign Live Chat conversations either manually or automatically to your agents or groups. Conversations Auto-Assignment is one of the simplest yet essential steps for handling and closing tickets. Use Auto-Assignment to distribute conversations among agents. Our system will automatically assign conversations to team members.

Auto-Assignment Settings

There are three initial states of Auto-Assignment:

  • Off - when Auto-Assignment is disabled, all new conversations are going to the Unassigned folder and agents have to manually assign them.
  • Basic - when Auto-Assignment is enabled for all team members conversations are evenly distributed among 
all your available team members.
  • Advanced - allows you to assign conversations to groups or team members with Assignment Rules.

Basic Auto-Assignment
You can manage which agents take part in Auto-Assignment and edit agents' limits in the table below. Limits allow you to define the number of tickets an agent can handle at any given time. This way, you can ensure that your agents aren’t overwhelmed, especially those who already have a lot of pending conversations.

⚠️ NOTE! Conversations can't be auto-assigned to agents without defined limits.

You can also disable limits for your agents. That means they will be able to receive the unlimited amount of new conversations.

After that you need to click "Enable Auto-Assignment" button to start automatically distribute conversations among selected agents. If some agents don't have their limits set up you'll be asked to provide them (see the modal below).

⚠️ NOTE! Only users with Live Chat Seats will be available for Auto-Assignment.

Advanced Auto-Assignment
This type of Auto-Assignment is based on Assignment Rules. Rules can be applied to groups as well as to single agents. The Rule based on certain specified conditions can route conversations to the appropriate agent or group and further assign ownership to it. 

To enable Rule based Auto-Assignment you need to create at least one Inbox Rule. Switch the Auto-Assignment to the Advanced option. From here, you can also manage your groups and team members. Let's click "+ Rule" to create our first Assignment Rule.

The main trigger for Assignment Rules is when a contact starts a new conversation, we just need to add some conditions to it and set up a group or an agent for assignment.

Don't forget to save and activate the Rule when all the settings are done.

⚠️ NOTE! Make sure to set up agent limits before activating Rules; otherwise, it won't be activated.
When all agents reach their limits, all new conversations will stay in unassigned and will not be assigned automatically, even if you close old ones.