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WhatsApp with Manychat: FAQ

This article will be your guide through WhatsApp integration in Manychat and will quickly list everything you need to know to get started.

First, you need a verified WhatsApp Business Account to connect it to Manychat. Here's how to check if your WABA is ready. If something went wrong, use the troubleshooting section of the same article.

Next, you need to gather your first contacts. If you already have a list you're working with, you can Import your WhatsApp contacts to Manychat or create a contact via Manychat API.

To message your contacts, use Message Templates. There's a lot of into on MT, but it covers their creation & edits as well as best business practices. Give it a read!

Of course, don't forget about WhatsApp message-sending limits and check how Manychat works with buttons, links and keywords in WhatsApp.

Please, check out our article on WhatsApp conversation-based pricing to understand how much the integration will cost you.

If you ever need to remove your WhatsApp from Manychat, use this article for instructions.